For the love of the printed page.


I just had a fantastic memory. I just remembered the first book I ever read all on my own, with no prompting from my mom or teachers.  Just something I  read cause it looked interesting.

When I was a kid my mom would read aloud to me and my little sister, every night with out fail. I was in third grade my mom used to pick books that I would like, even though I was a tad old to be read to.  We had started the Magic Tree House series, a series which is dear to my heart. And by chance in a school library I saw one I hadn’t heard my mom read me.


I quickly realized it wasn’t an adventure for Jack and Annie, but it was for me.  Mummies in the Morning had been my favourite of the books thus far and Egypt was  super fucking cool.

So I cracked it open, and read it by myself on a lunch break.

I finished in two or three 45 minute lunch breaks.

I remember at the time being lonely. I was on either Adderall or Strattera at the time for my ADD,  it left me to be a really lifeless 9 year old.

This book enticed me.  I suddenly became an Egypt buff.  My mom bought me a Mummy kit, stickers, folders, my Uncle sent me a large painted papyrus.  I craved to know everything about Egypt because of this book.  Then the book hording started.  I had twenty books out at a time at the public library. (lots of fines I’ll have you know)

A lot of people credit their love of reading to Harry Potter, or to Lord of the Rings. 

As much as I love Harry Potter, my love of reading came from this book right here.

Anyone else remember their first book that lead to the life long love?

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    This is the first book I’ve ever read on my own (and with minimal illustrations too! Sorry, can’t help adding that...
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    According to my parents I would sit and look at books when I was like 2. I literally cannot remember a time when I...
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    I can’t remember the beginning. But I know that I still love picture books to no end and Nancy Drew.
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  12. asyrill said: Moby Dick in the 4th grade (Assigned reading). I do not think it’s because of the story, but because of the magic of visualizing what was going on. Then I read Black Beauty to see if it happened again. And then another book… and yeah :)
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