Book haul!


So I bought a few books came through the post recently and I thought I’d share them with you guys. I won’t be buying any more books (unless I can help it!)  until I finish the ones waiting to be read on my shelf.


1) Between Shades of Gray- Ruta Sepetys

2) Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares- Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

3) Zofloya, or the Moor- Charlotte Dacre (A novel for my Gothic module at uni)

4) The Maze Runner- James Dashner

5) We Need to Talk About Kevin- Lionel Shriver

6) 1Q84( Books One and Two)- Haruki Murakami (This is for a friend of mine, but she already knows I got this for her so it’s okay to include it in this haul! Loved Norwegian Wood by him so I can’t wait to read this either)

7) The Diviners- Libba Bray (Deera LOVED this, so I’m very excited for this. And it’s so PRETTY)

8) Clockwork Prince- Cassandra Clare (This book…honestly…killed me. I can’t wait for Clockwork Princess)


Also, I bought this complete Sherlock Holmes collection. I needed this for an essay and this was an amazing deal (around £8) for all of Doyle’s stories about the mastermind! 


I love these covers!

Miha :)

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