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People often ask me why I read so much and how I read so fast.  Well those are two different questions, and I’m going to answer them both because I think they are interesting questions.  

I read a lot, and I read almost everything I can get my hands on.  If a book can paint a world from nothing and keep me in it then I will read it regardless or the genre it is put in.  I like to keep my own demons at bay and reading helps me do that.  It keeps me away from reality for as long as I need.  When things are unmanageable there is always a book; another world, I can sink into for a little while.  That is why I read.  

How I read fast has two answers.  I am interested so I am always ready to get to the end and see how things turn out, but that being said, I am always ready to move on to the next book.  I read fast because I don’t read the individual words, and I don’t hear a voice in my head.  I read whole sections at a time.  The unconscious mind can process more information than we give it credit for.   

That is my answer to two common questions that are often asked of this avid reader, and I think a lot of you probably get them too.

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