Reading Project in 2013


So in 2013 I want to read (and blog about/review) at least 150 books.  I am sure that I can do this, if I actually put my mind to it and, you know, remember to write them down when I finish them.  ANYWAY.  I was thinking about this today at work, being a part of my resolutions (which I will have to post about tomorrow or Monday, because I have been doing a lot of thinking about them as well…)  

But here are “The Rules” for my reading project:  

  1. Books have to be STARTED after January 01, 2013.  That means that the two books I am in the middle of reading right now won’t count, because… that would be unfair. 
  2. I can re-read books, but I can not read the same book more than once.  Basically, I can read books that I have already read, but once it has been counted for the year I can re-read it all I want - it can’t count anymore for this year. 
  3. Books don’t count until they have been listed/blogged about.  I have attempted this project for the past two years, but I keep forgetting to list the books that I have read, so I have no actual idea how many I actually read this year.  Hopefully this will fix that. 
  4. I would like to read a more even mixture of classics/non-fiction to my new fiction/young adult/romance things.  I read things all over the map, but I think it is kind of time for me to read more adult things than what I find in the kids department. 
  5. I’m not sure if I should count compilations of books as one book or the number of books contained within.  I’m leaning towards counting them as one, because… it was technically one book that I had in my hands.  But it could also count as more, because… it was more.  Any thoughts?

So there they are.  ”The rules”.  Hopefully I can stick to them this time. 

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