Tortall and Other Lands


I just finished reading this collection of short stories. It took me a while, I haven’t spent much time lately just sitting down and reading and only a few of the stories had a strong enough hold on me to want to just sit and read them. 

So let me start by saying that I have a deep love for short stories. Back in high school I took a sci fi class and our main text book was just a collection of short stories, most of which I can’t remember the names of but I know the Butterfly Effect and The Lottery really stuck with me. So when I found this collection by one of my favorite authors I snatched it up, because I have a need to own everything she has ever written. However it has just been sitting on my shelf for years, then moved to the ‘to read’ pile and finally I picked it up and gave it a shot. I’m really glad I did.

I loved the stories that took place in Tortall, a world I got to know very well through Tamora Pierce’s other books, but that followed characters that I had never heard of before. It made the world she had created more real and deeper for me. A reminded that not everyone knows each other and that everything doesn’t revolve around the castle in Corus. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t thrilled to find out what happened to Nawat and Aly after Trickster’s Queen, and the story Nawat actually came very close to brining me to tears while I was reading it.

There were other stories that left me wanting more, Time of Proving was just kind of left open, as if it didn’t feel finished. I’m not sure how to explain it. However, Mimic had a beautiful ending and all I wanted to know was if they would ever see each other again. 

I would recommend this to anyone who loves short stories or Tamora Pierce. Her writing is beautiful and it is fun seeing her do something other than a series, and in worlds other than the main two she has spent so much time building over the years. After reading this she is still in my list of favorite authors.

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