Going to give the Philip Dick novels a rest for awhile. I have finished all but 4 of his early novels. I really appreciate the blandness and suffocation of his hyperrealism; however, none of the novels end with any satisfaction on my end. Dick just keeps writing characters that back themselves into corners and then can’t do anything but stop writing at a point. The novels certainly makes the grade in portraying an almost instant exasperation of the post WWII middle class and the American Dream and the dysfunction of characters not wanting to follow the social norms of family, religion, and vocation of the time.

Too much humanness demands a break, I’d say. I do feel as though I’ve walked the streets of 1950 Oakland and L.A. enough for now.

I figure I’ll find a novel that will be easy to burn through this week that I can pair with study breaks. I think for the winter break I’m going to read Gravity’s Rainbow. I’ve never read any Pynchon and it is a hefty read and I actually don’t know much of the plot at all. Going to just read it on the basis of reputation alone. 

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