great book related things that are making my life lately: 

  • nerding out a.k.a. deriving utter joy from reading about histories of typefaces thanks to simon garfield’s just my type & getting hella excited about doing this more
  • finally being given a galley copy of cory doctorow’s next book homeland
  • devouring this essay called “exception rules: contemporary political theory and the police” by klaus mladek & bein surprisingly delighted to read foucault, de man, and derrida with it
  • luckin out on a free copy of the 3 inch wide far from the tree 
  • finishing brian k vaughan’s saga in less than a day & jumpin to his Y: the last man and being just as stoked 
  • oliver jeffers that moose belongs to me being way more awesome than i expected
  • finally being convinced to read a murakami
  • hiding fuckedup ‘history’ books in random places so we can’t sell em 
  • awaiting the arrival of Best New Poets 2013 featuring my love Victoria McCoy
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