I’m in the process of going through my Goodreads ‘To-Read’ shelf. I’ve got over 400. I’m trying to delete books I added years ago that I have no interest in now, and also trying to figure out which ones are available on my library’s digital book lending site. To my annoyance they’ve got a lot of the ones I want to read, but they aren’t in the format I want or need. 

I’m on the waiting list for The Scorch Trials by James Dashner (4 people are ahead of me!) and it’s driving me crazy because I can finish it in a day or two while it could take up to a month or longer for me to get it because you can keep the book for up to 2 weeks. And they’ve only got one copy. And my actual library doesn’t have the hard copies. So that’s annoying. If I don’t get it in the next week or so I’ll probably just break down and buy the damn thing and ask for the other two for Christmas.

They do have the whole AF series, so I might just might start reading those. And they’ve got copies available to the first two (or three) so I won’t have to wait.

I just wish I had loads of money and space because there are so many books on my list that I really want to read but the library doesn’t have them and they’re horrible at actually getting books people request.

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