Anna Karenina


This book is fantastic beyond words. The complete comprehension and description of all the feelings that make up a story of this magnitude keep me from the very possibility of besmirching this novel for its length.
The inner dialogue, the feelings, the fluidity with which narration shifts fell one character to another. Tolstoy truly has a way with the writing of words and weaving of story that I find myself immeasurably envious of and drawn to.

Anna’s acknowledgement that it would be wrong to become involved with Vronsky and her desire to avoid him and this potential.
Alexi’s inner dialogue and feelings at his incapability to communicate effectively with his wife.
Vronsky and his passion for a woman felt at first glance, that turns into something more than a mere crush or infatuation but a burning passion that, whether right or wrong, can only be seen by him as love.

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