I’m only an hour away from finishing the Howl’s Moving Castle audiobook


That (audio)book has literally saved my life. And I do know the meaning of the adverb “literally,” thank you very much. I fear I’m going to mourn it or something when I finish it. I hate getting so emotionally invested in something that I mourn it when it’s over, ugh. :( But then again, I wouldn’t have half of the fun and enjoyment I do if I didn’t, would I? IDEK.

Anyway, audiobooks are awesome. No wonder people used to get together and read out loud for each other before. Well, that and, of course, analphabetism, but yeah. :P

And now, I’m going to attempt to write something, and then go to bed, to listen or to read or to do whatever I feel like doing to keep bad thoughts at bay.

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  2. rikashmoonsword said: i just read the books for the first time this summer and i was honestly like, “WHERE HAVE THESE BOOKS BEEN ALL MY LIFE??” i still can’t believe i didn’t read them until a few months ago.
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